the yoga continues

Apr 3, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

sooner or later we have to learn to let go and allow the changing mystery of life to move through us without fearing it. ~Jack Kornfield


I've been lucky enough to sandwich some mountain running around five intense days of yoga study with some incredible women. As I walked in to the studio for the first core module, I knew instantly that this was exactly where I needed to be. The space was beautiful, the learning intense, and the yogis around me fit perfectly. I noticed that we were all wildly different, but uncannily alike. We spent hours upon hours navigating the room with and around each other and building new knowledge and new relationships. These past few days are most certainly the foundation for a lifetime of nourishment.

I think back to how this week started and where it brought me. I've learned more about myself than I wanted to know, found beautiful new friendships, and was reminded of the delicacy of what friendship is. I've been challenged and eased, fallen and gotten up, had moments of great confusion and ones of even greater clarity. The world continues to show me that every thought, every act is a lesson, and that every lesson learned, while never leading to perfection, always brings you forward. Even after rolling up our mats this evening, may we all continue to be mindful of what life has to teach us. Even after rolling them up, may the yoga continue.

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